Mr. Brian K. McNeill
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Chief Instructor
Kinney Elementary School
Monday -- 6:00pm
Gateway Martial Arts
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2018 Calendar

March 17th - GMA Tournament WMFC
March 21st - Testing list due/Equipment/Uniform/Shirt Orders Due
April 21st - Colored Belt Testing - WMFC
May 19th - Saturday Training (Black Belt Testing Requirements) - WMFC
July 18th - Testing lists due/Equipment/Uniform/Shirt Orders Due
July 20th - Black Belt Candidate testing forms/deposits/papers due
August 18th - Colored Belt Testing
September 15th - Saturday Training (Superior Conditioning)
September 15th - Equipment/Uniform/Shirt Orders Due
October 20th - Advanced Training - Weapons
November 8th - Testing lists due/Equipment/Uniform/Shirt Orders Due
November 17th - Saturday Training (Weapons) December 8th - Colored Belt Testing
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Mrs. Laura McCann
Sanford Elementary Early Childhood Center
Monday -- 6:00pm
Mooreland Indiana
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Mr. Nathan Edwards
First Christian Church of Mooreland
Monday -- 6:00pm
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Carolyn Langlois
West Midland Family Center
Tuesday -- 6:00pm
Mt. Pleasant

Mr. Jon Prewett and Mr. Dan Prewett
First Church of Christ

Thusday 6pm
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Mr. Jeramy Dubay
Midland Evengelical Free Church
7221 N. Jefferson Rd
Midland, MI.
Wednesday -- 5:30pm